SEBÖK Ferenc







Born in Budapest on may 29th 1952, he leaves Hungary, with his parents, 

under the Soviet Union during the Revolution of 1956.

He has the double nationality (belgian and hungarian).


Graduated in logopedics, he also obtained a diploma at the Faculty of  economic, social and politic sciences (UCL)

He is agregated in Social Sciences (ULG).


Ferenc SEBÖK also finished musical studies (piano and violin)

 with  medal (Amélie Dengis  Academy of Seraing and Grétry Academy of Ličge)

He trained piano with Marcelle Mercenier at Conservatoire Royal de Ličge.

He also trained in harmony and musical script with Berthe Divito-Delvaux.


He also studied painting at Beaux-Arts of Liege during the 70’s

before continuing his way as an autodidacte.

At Saint-Seraphim of Sarov school of Ličge, he trained in Iconography

where he developped a baroque style of Iconography.

He has been painting since 1971 and his first exposition took place in 1974.


He obtained international Prizes in composition contests and painting.

His paintings are in private collections, Lodges and some museums.


His music is edited in France, Belgium and Italy.